The Purpose of the Sequel Trilogy and Future of Star Wars

theplanI’ve had a bit of a paradigm shift in my thinking in the last few days and now think the Sequel Trilogy’s real story and conclusion is quite a bit different than almost everyone has supposed. I’m working on a more extensive explanation, but the above diagram gives an overview of my thinking.

Speaking for myself only,



Solo: Millennium Falcon Curiosities (Possible Spoilers)

The release of Solo: A Star Wars Story is only about a month away and there’s been plenty to speculate about, most notably regarding the flagship Millennium Falcon. 


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An Examination of the Dark Side of the Force

Emperor RotJ.png

One of the most important concepts in the Galaxy Far Far Away is the dark side of the Force. Confusingly, it’s been presented in two seemingly contradictory ways in Canon – a corruption of the Force, but also as a natural side of the Force. In this article I’ll explore how the dark side has been portrayed through the evolution of the franchise. In a future article, I’ll take a look at and speculate about the two conceptions of the dark side.

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TLJ Audio Commentary

The audio commentary for The Last Jedi has been released, and with it comes some interesting tidbits from Rian Johnson. While the majority of the commentary focuses on the making of the movie rather than the content of the film itself, I’ve compiled what I think are some of the most noteworthy parts, transcripted the quotes, and added timestamps. (Some quotes are edited for clarity.)

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My View of The Last Jedi Through the Lens of the SWSC ReySky Interpretation

One of our readers asked a question I’ve been thinking about lately and is worth answering here:

Do you think you would appreciate TLJ more if Rian confirmed that your case for Rey Skywalker was his intention all along?

My reply after the jump.

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The Last Jedi: Luke’s Third Lesson


After watching The Last Jedi again after its home release, I’ve realized that the Third Lesson is essentially the theme of the movie as a whole. The lesson involves fighting for the galaxy as a whole, and not making family your bottom-line motivator. It’s a battle between Luke and Kylo Ren to turn Rey to one end or the other, and Rey represents the audience. The Third Lesson was not only taught to Rey, but it was taught to us as the viewers.

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