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The Star Wars Shadow Council is a website and blog dedicated to following the continuing Star Wars mythos. Started in 2017, SWSC produces multimedia content about the Star Wars franchise, with a focus on analysis and speculation.

Meet The Council!


Robotical712 is a 34-year-old father of two. He was a big fan of Star Wars in the late 90’s, but left the fandom in 2000 and rejoined when TFA came out. He got his start in the speculation community on Reddit, but has since branched out and created r/StarWarsReference, a subreddit backed wiki for curating and analyzing Canon. His favorite eras are the Rise of the Empire and Galactic Civil War.


When she isn’t working on real space ships HypersonicHarpist enjoys stories about fictional ones. She first became a Star Wars fan in 1995. She enjoyed the old Expanded Universe novels (now Legends) back in the day and is now really enjoying the new Canon.


Sprinx is a freelance artist, designer, and nonprofit worker-bee from Seattle, Washington. She became a Star Wars fan in her teenage years, after getting so grossed out by the tauntaun guts scene in The Empire Strikes Back when she was eight that she refused to watch the series for almost a decade. She is most interested in the myth and folklore roots of the series, particularly how it relates to other heroic narratives across history. On all levels except physical, she is Princess Leia.


Just a planetary geologist moonlighting as a Star Wars nerd. Han loves all things Star Wars, and a few of his favorites are John Williams, Return of the Jedi (yes, he likes Ewoks), and Luke Skywalker. He probably needs to read more. Han shot – end of statement. 


Conn8d is a researcher and analyst who was more into John Williams Star Wars film scores than Star Wars itself until she was coaxed into seeing The Force Awakens. After that, she was hooked, got caught up in the galaxy far, far away and joined the fandom. Conn8d has interests in both narrative structures and the storytelling of the series, but also in reporting on the economic and social scientific aspects of Disney, Lucasfilm, and fandom.


A cynical millennial tolerated by these dweebs for some reason. Especially fond of Star Wars, knitting, meta analysis, and her cats. Prone to lurking, emoji abuse, flare-ups of heart-on-sleeve enthusiasm, and earnest pedantry on esoteric topics of no import.


There once was a Mandalorian, he was a filmmaker, he liked wolves, he was BLACK, and filled with rage and mac & cheese. Most of the time this Mando would rant and howl about Star Wars, and for some unknown, insane reason, the Shadow Council found that to be interesting. So, after wandering into their discord like a mad man on death sticks after getting an invite that he believed to be a trojan virus, Mando began to swear, argue, and debate everyone till he triggered their fight or flight reflexes and reminded them of the true horrors of trusting a stranger to give their opinions on a franchise that makes nerds fight each other until the sun explodes and the cold darkness envelopes us all in its sweet embrace of nothingness. He also has a cute doggo.


Raven was introduced to Star Wars shortly before the release of The Force Awakens and instantly fell in love with the saga. When she isn’t keeping up with the Skywalkers, she can be found reading, writing, or daydreaming about creating her own galaxy far, far away.

Quad Harrington

Idk what to put as my bio, they’re forcing me to do this. SOMEBODY HELP THEY HAVE ME AT GUNPOINT.