The Last Jedi Rewatch

Luke Watching Rey.jpgI re-watched The Last Jedi in its entirety again last week for the first time since before putting the The Last Jedi Case for Rey Skywalker together. The case, combined with other insights and events, made for a very different viewing experience.

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The Purpose of the Sequel Trilogy and Future of Star Wars

theplanI’ve had a bit of a paradigm shift in my thinking in the last few days and now think the Sequel Trilogy’s real story and conclusion is quite a bit different than almost everyone has supposed. I’m working on a more extensive explanation, but the above diagram gives an overview of my thinking.

Speaking for myself only,


TLJ Audio Commentary

The audio commentary for The Last Jedi has been released, and with it comes some interesting tidbits from Rian Johnson. While the majority of the commentary focuses on the making of the movie rather than the content of the film itself, I’ve compiled what I think are some of the most noteworthy parts, transcripted the quotes, and added timestamps. (Some quotes are edited for clarity.)

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Something Overlooked in the The Force Awakens Interrogation

Image result for the force awakens interrogation

Shadow Council Discord user shenanakins brought it to our attention that there is a very faint scream that can be heard during the TFA interrogation scene.

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The Last Jedi Production Mysteries

Image result for knights of ren ireland

The DVD is set to drop in a few weeks with 14 deleted scenes and some mysteries, like what happened to the third lesson, will be cleared. Yet there is still what appears to be an entire sequence unaccounted for.

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