On Recent Events

The last couple of days have been trying to say the least and have left me conflicted.

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Some Initial Impressions of The Last Jedi Novelization

Jason Fry’s novelization of "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" is an "Expanded Edition" – written with input from director Rian Johnson.
The long awaited novelization and junior novelization of The Last Jedi released today and I picked it up for Kindle last night. Although I haven’t had time to read it all, I have looked through it and a few things caught my eye. Spoilers for the adult novelization follow.

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The Last Jedi Production Mysteries

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The DVD is set to drop in a few weeks with 14 deleted scenes and some mysteries, like what happened to the third lesson, will be cleared. Yet there is still what appears to be an entire sequence unaccounted for.

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The Shadow Council Is Starting A Podcast!


The rumors are true: Star Wars Shadow Council is jumping on the bandwagon and starting our very own podcast. And not just because we want to hear ourselves talk–we want to hear from you, our lovely readers, and delve into the questions that are burning in your minds. That’s right, we’ll be soliciting questions from you guys that we will then discuss on the show, in a roundtable format, and hopefully come up with some insightful (or at least amusing) solutions to your Star Wars quandaries. Want to know our thoughts on Supreme Leader Snoke? Curious what we think will become of Finn and the burgeoning stormtrooper rebellion? Want to hear us debate about what color lightsaber Rey should have? Our inboxes are open to you. The only rules are:

  1. Try to ask open-ended questions, ones that you think can be discussed for 30 minutes or so.
  2. Please use a sign-off–a name, nickname, or even an old-timey advice column type title like “Troubled on Tatooine” works–so that we know how to address you on the show if you choose to otherwise submit anonymously.
  3. Submit questions through one of the following channels: Tumblr asks (not chat), Facebook messages, Twitter DMs, or email us at swshadowcouncil@gmail.com

We’re going to start on a once-monthly schedule, and see how it goes. So start sending those questions in–the sooner we get some good ‘uns, the sooner we can get started answering them!