Lucasfilm, Plans and the Creative Process – Part 1

Lucasfilm storygroup celebration 2017

Compiled by robotical712 with help from conn8d

Fans have debated how much of a plan Lucasfilm has since Canon began. Based on statements from Rian Johnson and a couple of others, many fans have concluded LFL doesn’t have any kind of long term roadmap or plan. In the first part we present the various comments from those involved in the story creation process indicating there is in fact a plan.

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Coming Soon: The Shadow Council Interviews Ken Liu!

 Photo by Lisa Tang Liu

We’re pleased to announce Ken Liu, the author of Legends of Luke Skywalker and the From A Certain Point of View short ‘The Sith of Datawork’, has been interviewed by the Star Wars Shadow Council’s very own Needs_More_Sprinkles! Stay tuned for the interview, coming soon!

TLJ Audio Commentary

The audio commentary for The Last Jedi has been released, and with it comes some interesting tidbits from Rian Johnson. While the majority of the commentary focuses on the making of the movie rather than the content of the film itself, I’ve compiled what I think are some of the most noteworthy parts, transcripted the quotes, and added timestamps. (Some quotes are edited for clarity.)

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