Solo: Millennium Falcon Curiosities (Possible Spoilers)

The release of Solo: A Star Wars Story is only about a month away and there’s been plenty to speculate about, most notably regarding the flagship Millennium Falcon. 


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The Last Jedi Soundtrack Leak: An Analysis

On reddit’s /r/starwarsleaks subreddit, someone has leaked the track titles of the The Last Jedi soundtrack. Despite a frustrating refusal to post photos of the track titles, they did post the track titles in the comments. Because the photos are solid proof that they have the soundtrack, we can say with confidence that this is the track listing for the Last Jedi:


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Robotical712’s Plot Prediction for The Last Jedi – Final

Legends of Luke Skywalker Review and Analysis

Written by robotical712.

Legends of Luke Skywalker came out one week ago and has provided a fascinating look at an important question – how other people view Luke Skywalker in-universe. At first glance this may seem superfluous, why do we care what other people think? Give us stories from Luke’s point of view! However, in the context of The Last Jedi, this is an important question as our heroine, Rey, only knows what she’s heard from stories. Indeed, those stories led her to believe he was a myth just a short time before she stood before him in person. Rey goes to Luke expecting a legend. While the stories in the book may be subject to exaggeration, hearsay or outright fabrication, they do provide us valuable information about Luke and the setting as a whole.

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