Palpatine’s Obsession with Children

I’ve noticed there’s a plot element that keeps getting repeated – Palpatine, his Empire and the First Order keep targeting children. I’ve put together a list of instances in the new Canon to illustrate how pervasive it is:

  • Sidious kidnapped Maul at a young age to be his first Sith apprentice.
  • Cad Bane kidnapped multiple Force sensitive children for Sidious.
  • The Inquisitors’ secondary task is to locate and abduct Force sensitives – particularly young children (the Lothal rebels foil the abduction of two infants and the Sixth Brother investigates a four year old girl in Ahsoka).
  • 20 year old Prelate Verge in Twilight Company was raised to worship Palpatine and saw himself as the future.
  • Rax’s obsession with children in Life Debt unnerves Sloane. Gallius himself was recruited by Palpatine as a child.
  • Brendol Hux’s ‘feral’ children in EE form the basis of the First Order stormtrooper corps.
  • The First Order abducts young children and raises them to be fanatically loyal soldiers (the Visual Encyclopediamentions the FO’s officers are raised this way too).
  • Armitage Hux is raised from age six to eventually take his father’s place.
  • Snoke targeted Ben ‘since the beginning’.

While it hasn’t been directly tied to it yet, I would like to point out Rey was ‘abandoned’ at age five on a planet that just happens to be the last stop before the Unknown Regions and Snoke.

Evil isn’t born; it’s made.


The Force Awakens Symbolism: Duality of Hands


The continuing Star Wars mythos is no stranger to symbolism. We see plenty of it in the prequel trilogy as well as the original trilogy. It only makes sense that this storytelling technique be continued into the sequel trilogy of movies.

I believed I have identified symbolism being used in The Force Awakens in regards to how Rey and Luke’s relationship will function in The Last Jedi. Rey and Luke’s “hands” act as symbols that enhance a story of a damaged and lost master and an innocent and naive learner coming together to complete one another.

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Finishing What Vader Started


I was thinking about how the First Order came about and its composition going into TFA and it occurred to me that could hint at how Kylo might be redeemed without dying.

In Canon we learn a large number of planets leave the Republic and form the political backbone of the First Order. Even if the the invasion is stopped, it’s unlikely the Resistance will have the forces or will to conquer these worlds. Further, the military resources of the FO are formidable and its forces fanatical. Even if Snoke and the military leadership were killed, it would still take a lot of fighting to stop the war. In fact, it would leave the galaxy in much the same position as it was after RotJ, a leaderless Empire fighting itself and the rebellion turned Republic. This eventually resulted in the FO. How then, to break the cycle of violence?

This is where Kylo comes in. Once Snoke and Hux are gone, Kylo would be the leader of the FO. Instead of going into exile or submitting himself to a non-existent court, he would be in a position to order a stop to the war and maneuver the FO towards demilitarization and peace. It would go far in showing his redemption was serious and prevent a repeat of the end of the OT. He would finish what Vader started and bring peace and order to the galaxy, just not in the way he envisioned.

Star Wars The Force Awakens: A Chris Nolan Fan Trailer

Let’s take a trip in the wayback machine to when Colin Trevorrow was axed from Episode IX. It seems so long ago. Do you remember where you where? God, such a tragedy.


Before J.J. Abrams was announced (which already had seemed like the most likely outcome), some of us here on The Shadow Council were more or less pipe-dreaming about who would be a dream director to do Ep IX. Chris Nolan was, of course, mentioned among Spielberg, Jackson, Villeneuve, etc.

Chris Nolan would actually be a logistical impossibility with this short of notice, full stop. His production company, Syncopy, is contractually tied to Warner Bros. almost forevermore. But, hell, let’s dream.

So with that idea in mind–and because I was already deep into an editing project–I decided to put together my own edit inspired by the Inception trailer. What occurred to me was that the Inception trailer itself wasn’t only putting on display the overall plot of the film, but we saw hints of Cobb’s motivation really was just him trying to “go home.” This theme plays throughout The Force Awakens of errybody goin’ home, so I used a touch of that as well. I hope you enjoy.

The Rise of the First Order

There is considerable confusion in the fandom of how the First Order arose from the ashes of the Empire. There is much we don’t know, but enough has been provided to create a broad picture of how it arose however. This article will analyze and chronicle the First Order’s conception and slow rise into a major galactic power and will be updated as more information becomes available.

Also posted and maintained on r/StarWarsReference.

Warning: Contains Spoilers

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The “Love Story” in The Last Jedi Isn’t a Romance

I think Rey and Luke’s story in The Last Jedi is going to be structured like a love story. Love stories are ultimately about two people coming to love each other and learning how to have a relationship with each other and that’s exactly what Rey and Luke’s story is only the love is familial rather than romantic.

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