Another Look at Jakku

I originally wrote this back in June on Reddit, but it’s worth looking at it again with the mention of the research facility in Legends of Luke Skywalker and Battlefront 2 releasing next week. –robotical712

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Legends of Luke Skywalker Review and Analysis

Written by robotical712.

Legends of Luke Skywalker came out one week ago and has provided a fascinating look at an important question – how other people view Luke Skywalker in-universe. At first glance this may seem superfluous, why do we care what other people think? Give us stories from Luke’s point of view! However, in the context of The Last Jedi, this is an important question as our heroine, Rey, only knows what she’s heard from stories. Indeed, those stories led her to believe he was a myth just a short time before she stood before him in person. Rey goes to Luke expecting a legend. While the stories in the book may be subject to exaggeration, hearsay or outright fabrication, they do provide us valuable information about Luke and the setting as a whole.

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Sequel Trilogy Theory of Everything: Part 2 – The Force Awakens

In part 1 of my Sequel Trilogy Theory of Everything, I discussed my thoughts on the events that led up to the state of affairs that we find the major character’s in at the beginning of the Force Awakens.

The post can be found here:

Part 1- Background

The TLDR version is that I believe:

Snoke is a villain more akin to Voldemort or Suaron than to Palpatine in that I believe he is seeking to regain lost power and that he sees the members of the Skywalker family as a means to that end.

Rey is Luke’s daughter and was separated from her family when the Falcon was stolen from Han Solo during an attack on the Skywalker/Solo family orchestrated by Snoke. Luke, Han, Leia, and Ben were led to believe that Rey had been killed. The loss of Rey was the catalyst for a chain of events that culminated with Ben Solo’s fall to the Dark Side.

Luke is aware of the Chosen One prophecy and believes that his family are the ones that need to maintain the balance of the Force. He originally thought that Rey would be the one to carry on that legacy, but after her “death” he put all of his hopes on Ben. After Ben fell Luke went looking for answers at the First Temple to try to figure out both how he went so wrong and how to make things right again.

The Force Awakens drops hints to the back story and also poses a few other minor mysteries that I would like to address here.

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Mansplaining Porg

Last night on Discord chat, we discussed:

  • the proper pronunciation of “Ocarina” [we were right all along!];
  • how adorable bats are, aside from vampire bats which are butt and also terrifying;
  • the convergent evolution of Australia’s animal kingdom:
    “You like this normal animal? What if it had pockets on its body and poison somewhere?? Fuck you.”
  • how board games Risk and Catan end friendships;
  • curiosity about the frog hippo nuns called “The Caretakers” in The Last Jedi; and
  • the variety of porgs that we are hoping to see in The Last Jedi.

If there are porgs that are black and white and look like cute little penguins, I will die.”

Star Wars Speculation mod u/CartoonWarp didn’t miss a beat, providing a shopped version of the screaming porg we saw in the full TLJ trailer.

And so, with invaluable input from u/shenanakins and u/needs_more_sprinkles, we added a bow-tie.

And then a monocle.

And then a top hat.

Then a lit cigar for his adorable flipper.

And finally, a jaunty mustache.

That is a man who would smoke expensive Cuban cigars and tell me my opinions don’t matter.
He’s everything we could have hoped for.
Thank you.


And with that, the Mansplaining Porg was born.

Create your own here and share your creations with us on our Tumblr page!

Now if you will excuse me, I need to get back to gatekeeping. Sexistly.

– R F S