Ben Solo || Medicine

– written and video edit by HanSpinel

Below is a video character study on Kylo Ren, and what redemptive narrative, if any, remains for his arc within the Sequel Trilogy. Full article essay here.

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V-day or D-day: What will Episode IX mean for ReyLo?

– Guest Post by kelC3PO

There may be something in the air when it comes to Rey and Kylo Ren… but is it romance, or family ties?

In this post, I draw comparisons between the Luke/Leia and ReyLo “relationships.” A majority of the post focuses on highlighting fan opinions from the late 70’s and early 80’s that are in favor of a Luke/Leia love. I then hypothesize that any ReyLo relationship will end the same way as Luke/Leia… with Rey and Kylo Ren as relatives. A population of fans were upset with this reveal after RotJ, and I suspect ReyLo fans will react similarly should ReySky be revealed in Episode IX.

Hope you like it!

What the Poe Dameron Finale Means for the Episode IX Time Skip

Image result for Resistance falcon

Written by robotical712

The Poe Dameron comic finale further underscores why I think the time skip will be measured in months, not years.

Spoilers for Poe Dameron #31

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Sequel Trilogy Theory of Everything: Part 3 – The Last Jedi

For this post I have attempted to take images from the trailers and behind the scenes footage and put them in chronological order and interspersed the images with my plot prediction for the Last Jedi.

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The Fall of Ben Solo

Written by robotical712

I would like to say up front that I don’t think JJ’s statement in the commentary that Rey and Kylo haven’t met before TFA should be taken absolutely. So please don’t reply as though I’m not aware of what he said. Second, it does make some leaps that aren’t predicated on any information we currently have. It’s based on where I think the ST is going thematically. This incorporates ideas developed in the previous three sections.

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Leia and the Force

What could have been…

One story Canon has taken a very different approach with from Legends is Leia’s Force sensitivity. In the Legends, she trained on and off for years, eventually becoming a full fledged Jedi Knight. In Canon, she seems to have avoided developing her potential entirely. The recent trailer may give some insight as to why.

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