The Purpose of the Sequel Trilogy and Future of Star Wars

theplanI’ve had a bit of a paradigm shift in my thinking in the last few days and now think the Sequel Trilogy’s real story and conclusion is quite a bit different than almost everyone has supposed. I’m working on a more extensive explanation, but the above diagram gives an overview of my thinking.

Speaking for myself only,



The Last Jedi Production Mysteries

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The DVD is set to drop in a few weeks with 14 deleted scenes and some mysteries, like what happened to the third lesson, will be cleared. Yet there is still what appears to be an entire sequence unaccounted for.

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The Definitive “The Last Jedi” Case for Rey Skywalker: Symbolism

Written by: robotical712, Josey, Needs_More_Sprinkles, HypersonicHarpist

In the last full post of the series, we’ll examine the symbolism of The Last Jedi and what it tells us about Rey, Luke and the Skywalker family.

Part of our analysis of The Last Jedi.

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