How the Vader 2017 Finale Connects with the 2015 Series

Vadercover.pngWritten by robotical712

The 25th and final issue of the Vader 2017 series dropped yesterday and it capped off a series featuring Vader’s early rise in dramatic fashion. Yet the finale is really just a new chapter that ends in the events of the 2015 comic run. SPOILERS

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An Examination of the Dark Side of the Force

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One of the most important concepts in the Galaxy Far Far Away is the dark side of the Force. Confusingly, it’s been presented in two seemingly contradictory ways in Canon – a corruption of the Force, but also as a natural side of the Force. In this article I’ll explore how the dark side has been portrayed through the evolution of the franchise. In a future article, I’ll take a look at and speculate about the two conceptions of the dark side.

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Examining Maul

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The revival of Maul for the The Clone Wars TV series has given us an interesting look at a character that never fell, but was raised with the dark side. At its heart, Maul is a cautionary tale about the futility of revenge.

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Secrets of the Emperor and Snoke

In his quest for domination of the universe itself, the Emperor had many schemes and tools in play. The most visible and prominent was the Death Star. As his rule expanded, resistance inevitably arose which required his attention and delayed him from attaining true power. The Death Star was the answer to these distractions and its completion was to pacify the restive galactic populace so that he might direct his efforts towards more productive ends. It’s destruction was a devastating setback, but it was only one plan among many.

This is part of my full background theory:

  1. The Emperor and His Goals
  2. Secrets of the Emperor and Snoke (Today)
  3. Descendants of the Chosen One and Rey

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The Emperor and His Goals

Only the beginning.

Canon has been steadily revealing the Emperor’s goals were far more ambitious than ruling the galaxy and had many hidden projects to achieve them. This gives some context to my discussion of Rey and Jakku.

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