The Tide and its Significance

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Written by robotical712, HypersonicHarpist, Josey, Pale, ravenclawmind and Needs_More_Sprinkles

One of the most intriguing concepts introduced in ‘Legends of Luke Skywalker’ is that of the Tide. On its face, it seems like yet another philosophy of the Force, yet a survey of the canon reveals it’s actually far more important than that and appears to be an emerging core concept. Indeed, the philosophy seems to have not only made a significant impact on Luke himself, but also on the broader Star Wars canon.

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The Last Jedi Rewatch

Luke Watching Rey.jpgI re-watched The Last Jedi in its entirety again last week for the first time since before putting the The Last Jedi Case for Rey Skywalker together. The case, combined with other insights and events, made for a very different viewing experience.

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How I Met Your Mother: Rey Skywalker Edition – Introduction


By robotical712, Sprinkles, HypersonicHarpist, Pale and JoseyFish

From the early days of Sequel Trilogy speculation, a fun – if frustrating – topic of speculation for fans who believe Rey is Luke Skywalker’s daughter has been that of Rey’s mother. In a new series, the Star Wars Shadow Council will put forward the argument we’ve already been given this mysterious woman’s origins and her tremendous impact on Luke.

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The Purpose of the Sequel Trilogy and Future of Star Wars

theplanI’ve had a bit of a paradigm shift in my thinking in the last few days and now think the Sequel Trilogy’s real story and conclusion is quite a bit different than almost everyone has supposed. I’m working on a more extensive explanation, but the above diagram gives an overview of my thinking.

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The Last Jedi: Luke’s Third Lesson


After watching The Last Jedi again after its home release, I’ve realized that the Third Lesson is essentially the theme of the movie as a whole. The lesson involves fighting for the galaxy as a whole, and not making family your bottom-line motivator. It’s a battle between Luke and Kylo Ren to turn Rey to one end or the other, and Rey represents the audience. The Third Lesson was not only taught to Rey, but it was taught to us as the viewers.

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Something Overlooked in the The Force Awakens Interrogation

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Shadow Council Discord user shenanakins brought it to our attention that there is a very faint scream that can be heard during the TFA interrogation scene.

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