TLJ Audio Commentary

The audio commentary for The Last Jedi has been released, and with it comes some interesting tidbits from Rian Johnson. While the majority of the commentary focuses on the making of the movie rather than the content of the film itself, I’ve compiled what I think are some of the most noteworthy parts, transcripted the quotes, and added timestamps. (Some quotes are edited for clarity.)

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My View of The Last Jedi Through the Lens of the SWSC ReySky Interpretation

One of our readers asked a question I’ve been thinking about lately and is worth answering here:

Do you think you would appreciate TLJ more if Rian confirmed that your case for Rey Skywalker was his intention all along?

My reply after the jump.

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The Last Jedi: Luke’s Third Lesson


After watching The Last Jedi again after its home release, I’ve realized that the Third Lesson is essentially the theme of the movie as a whole. The lesson involves fighting for the galaxy as a whole, and not making family your bottom-line motivator. It’s a battle between Luke and Kylo Ren to turn Rey to one end or the other, and Rey represents the audience. The Third Lesson was not only taught to Rey, but it was taught to us as the viewers.

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Rian Johnson’s Approach to Movies

Written by Robotical712

A common criticism of our analysis is that it reads too much into the dialog and visuals of The Last Jedi. However, a perusal of Rian’s commentary on other movies and his own shows he really does approach film from a very abstract level.

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The Definitive “The Last Jedi” Case for Rey Skywalker – Creator Commentary

Written by: robotical712, Josey, Needs_More_Sprinkles, HypersonicHarpist

“[Rey’s parentage] is integral. It is important. It’s something that, interestingly enough, even as we were sitting and coming up with The Force Awakens, it was one of the central questions we were all asking ourselves.”

Kathleen Kennedy, April 2017

There’s been a lot of discussion within the fan community about how much of the Sequel Trilogy’s backstory and future plot is planned out, and how much is being composed as the writers go along. Rian Johnson is on record as stating he had complete creative freedom in writing The Last Jedi, and that, particularly in regards to Rey’s parentage, he was never told by anyone how to resolve any unanswered questions. But the record on that is confusing to say the least. In many cases, Rian’s statements are in direct contradiction with what other members of the Sequel Trilogy’s production team have said, and yet, nobody from Lucasfilm has stepped forward to set the record straight. What’s to make of this?

Part of our analysis of The Last Jedi.

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