The Lost Son of Mandalore: An Origin Story for Finn in Episode IX

finn-phasma-last-jedi-tallWe’ve spoken before of Finn’s role specifically in the Skywalker family arc, and how his future is heavily foreshadowed to interweave with them as Han Solo’s did before him–but what about where he came from before the beginning of The Force Awakens? In this article, I make a case for a backstory for Finn that both adds depth to his past, and gives meaning to his future.

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Rian Johnson and the Creative Process

pic 57

Written by Josey
There are two commonly-held perceptions about the Sequel Trilogy we’ve seen in the fandom:

One, that Rian Johnson was – and JJ Abrams thus will be – allowed to do whatever he wanted with his installment of the trilogy, including retconning established movie canon; and

Two, that anything “The Powers That Be” say on social media should be taken as the literal truth.

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The Purpose of the Sequel Trilogy and Future of Star Wars

theplanI’ve had a bit of a paradigm shift in my thinking in the last few days and now think the Sequel Trilogy’s real story and conclusion is quite a bit different than almost everyone has supposed. I’m working on a more extensive explanation, but the above diagram gives an overview of my thinking.

Speaking for myself only,


Another Look at Jakku

I originally wrote this back in June on Reddit, but it’s worth looking at it again with the mention of the research facility in Legends of Luke Skywalker and Battlefront 2 releasing next week. –robotical712

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Sequel Trilogy Theory of Everything- Part 1: Background

What does Snoke want?

Is it just a coincidence that the ship belonging to the brother in law of the galaxy’s last Jedi and a highly Force sensitive little girl just happened to end up on the same backwater world with the same guy?

Why did Ben Solo fall?

Why did Luke go looking for the First Jedi Temple?

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Robotical712’s Plot Prediction – Post Trailer

With the trailer here, it’s time to update my prediction.

This is based on my full background theory.

Oct. 12 update: Josey pointed out there are huts in the background of the Luke picture, suggesting it’s the hut explosion scene.

July 24 – Version 1.0

Aug. 11 – Version 2.0

Oct. 3 – Version 3.0

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The Force Awakens Symbolism: Duality of Hands


The continuing Star Wars mythos is no stranger to symbolism. We see plenty of it in the prequel trilogy as well as the original trilogy. It only makes sense that this storytelling technique be continued into the sequel trilogy of movies.

I believed I have identified symbolism being used in The Force Awakens in regards to how Rey and Luke’s relationship will function in The Last Jedi. Rey and Luke’s “hands” act as symbols that enhance a story of a damaged and lost master and an innocent and naive learner coming together to complete one another.

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