Bait & Wait: A Premise for Finn’s Backstory to be Revealed in The Rise of Skywalker

– written by HanSpinel, TheMandalorianWolf, Conn8d, and robotical712

In the next series of articles, we will be exploring Finn’s story in the Sequel Trilogy and how it may play out in The Rise of Skywalker. We believe a “Bait and Wait” technique  (opposed to the “bait and switch”) is being used for Finn’s backstory similar to Rey’s delayed parentage reveal, and also Kylo Ren’s true backstory (i.e., the fall of Ben Solo)….

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The New Jedi Prime

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– written by HypersonicHarpist

Is it possible that Luke’s exile on Ahch-To is more than a case of a broken man losing all hope after one catastrophic failure?  Is it possible he went to “the most unfindable place in the galaxy” for a greater reason?

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Finn & Rey | Roses & Clover

– written & edited by HanSpinel

“Well, don’t get all mushy on us….”

In celebration of Valentine’s Day this week, I’ve put together a fan-adaptation and video study on the chemistry and bond between the characters Finn & Rey set to SYML – Mr. Sandman. The footage includes scenes from both The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. Below, I briefly share choices in the editing room along with the video. Pairs nicely with Finn & Rey: Acts of True Love 😉 Hope you enjoy, and happy Valentine’s Eve! ❤

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Finn & Rey: Acts of True Love

written by HanSpinel

Happy Valentine’s Eve, Peanuts!

The Last Jedi script was made available at the Academy’s Margaret Herrick Library and podcaster Who Talks First managed to transcribe some of the exact lines from the script. The script line describing Rey and Finn’s embrace in the final moments of The Last Jedi caught my attention:

But even as Finn embraces her, we see it in his eyes, this is not the same Rey he knew before.

– The Last Jedi Script

This is an honest look into Finn’s perspective at the end of The Last Jedi. But how did Finn and Rey get here? And what exactly has changed about Rey from Finn’s perspective? As we embark on the journey to Episode IX, it’s worth reviewing the Sequel Trilogy through Finn’s Acts of True Love for Rey, along with the chemistry and bond they develop along the way, and yes, perhaps even romance….

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Star Wars: Found Families, Bloodline, and Arthurian Legend

– written by HanSpinel

Star Wars has always focused on family, and though the Skywalker Saga is unsurprisingly led by the Skywalkers, it is chock full of “found family” stories. In this article, I will highlight how unique the Skywalker bloodline story actually is to the saga, and how the concept of “bloodline” for the Skywalkers – in contrast to “family” – is presented as a burden each generation must overcome through choice, and not destiny. In other words, the Skywalkers themselves promote empowerment regardless of origin.

I will also argue that each trilogy has pitted Skywalker vs. Skywalker, and that the Sequel Trilogy is no different. Following, I revisit themes and narratives associated with Arthurian Legend as it pertains to the battle between Kylo Ren and Rey over the saber that belonged to Luke Skywalker, and his father before him – the Skywalker Legacy Saber. I conclude that several lines of reasoning all support the Star Wars Shadow Council’s Case of a delayed familial reveal for Rey Skywalker, Daughter of Light, and Heiress Apparent to Anakin Skywalker.

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Rey’s Parents: The Director’s Cut


 – HanSpinel

Much has been made about the validity (or lack thereof) regarding Rey’s familial “reveal” in The Last Jedi. Recently, we discussed the transcription of The Last Jedi script, made available at the Academy’s Margaret Herrick Library, which indicates Rey is speaking her greatest fear, not necessarily the truth:

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The Skywalker Saga and Episode IX: Who are the Skywalkers?

Episode IX is being billed as the end of the Skywalker Saga. Just what is the Skywalker Saga about and how will Episode IX tie it all together?

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