Secrets of the Emperor and Snoke

In his quest for domination of the universe itself, the Emperor had many schemes and tools in play. The most visible and prominent was the Death Star. As his rule expanded, resistance inevitably arose which required his attention and delayed him from attaining true power. The Death Star was the answer to these distractions and its completion was to pacify the restive galactic populace so that he might direct his efforts towards more productive ends. It’s destruction was a devastating setback, but it was only one plan among many.

This is part of my full background theory:

  1. The Emperor and His Goals
  2. Secrets of the Emperor and Snoke (Today)
  3. Descendants of the Chosen One and Rey

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Robotical712’s Plot Prediction for The Last Jedi – Final

The Emperor and His Goals

Only the beginning.

Canon has been steadily revealing the Emperor’s goals were far more ambitious than ruling the galaxy and had many hidden projects to achieve them. This gives some context to my discussion of Rey and Jakku.

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Descendants of the Chosen One, Rey and Jakku

Extract from Robotical712′s Background Theory

One unknown I’ve been grappling with is why Snoke would want Rey taken to Jakku in the first place. It obviously had to do with what the Emperor was so interested in there, but it wasn’t clear beyond that.

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Another Look at Jakku

I originally wrote this back in June on Reddit, but it’s worth looking at it again with the mention of the research facility in Legends of Luke Skywalker and Battlefront 2 releasing next week. –robotical712

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Legends of Luke Skywalker Review and Analysis

Written by robotical712.

Legends of Luke Skywalker came out one week ago and has provided a fascinating look at an important question – how other people view Luke Skywalker in-universe. At first glance this may seem superfluous, why do we care what other people think? Give us stories from Luke’s point of view! However, in the context of The Last Jedi, this is an important question as our heroine, Rey, only knows what she’s heard from stories. Indeed, those stories led her to believe he was a myth just a short time before she stood before him in person. Rey goes to Luke expecting a legend. While the stories in the book may be subject to exaggeration, hearsay or outright fabrication, they do provide us valuable information about Luke and the setting as a whole.

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