Star Wars: Found Families, Bloodline, and Arthurian Legend

– written by HanSpinel

Star Wars has always focused on family, and though the Skywalker Saga is unsurprisingly led by the Skywalkers, it is chock full of “found family” stories. In this article, I will highlight how unique the Skywalker bloodline story actually is to the saga, and how the concept of “bloodline” for the Skywalkers – in contrast to “family” – is presented as a burden each generation must overcome through choice, and not destiny. In other words, the Skywalkers themselves promote empowerment regardless of origin.

I will also argue that each trilogy has pitted Skywalker vs. Skywalker, and that the Sequel Trilogy is no different. Following, I revisit themes and narratives associated with Arthurian Legend as it pertains to the battle between Kylo Ren and Rey over the saber that belonged to Luke Skywalker, and his father before him – the Skywalker Legacy Saber. I conclude that several lines of reasoning all support the Star Wars Shadow Council’s Case of a delayed familial reveal for Rey Skywalker, Daughter of Light, and Heiress Apparent to Anakin Skywalker.

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