The Nature of the Force and Balance

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Written by robotical712

One of the most important, yet misunderstood concepts in Star Wars is what exactly balance in the Force means. Here, I’ll attempt to explain it using a simple web analogy.

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Characters from Force Sensitive Bloodlines vs Those Without

A common argument for Rey being a nobody is it introduces the idea anyone can be Force sensitive and you don’t need to be from a special bloodline. To see how novel this is, I made a list of Force sensitive characters born to Force sensitive parents and those who were not.

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The Tide and its Significance

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Written by robotical712, HypersonicHarpist, Josey, Pale, ravenclawmind and Needs_More_Sprinkles

One of the most intriguing concepts introduced in ‘Legends of Luke Skywalker’ is that of the Tide. On its face, it seems like yet another philosophy of the Force, yet a survey of the canon reveals it’s actually far more important than that and appears to be an emerging core concept. Indeed, the philosophy seems to have not only made a significant impact on Luke himself, but also on the broader Star Wars canon.

Part of the Finding SkyMom series

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An Examination of the Dark Side of the Force

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One of the most important concepts in the Galaxy Far Far Away is the dark side of the Force. Confusingly, it’s been presented in two seemingly contradictory ways in Canon – a corruption of the Force, but also as a natural side of the Force. In this article I’ll explore how the dark side has been portrayed through the evolution of the franchise. In a future article, I’ll take a look at and speculate about the two conceptions of the dark side.

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Examining Maul

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The revival of Maul for the The Clone Wars TV series has given us an interesting look at a character that never fell, but was raised with the dark side. At its heart, Maul is a cautionary tale about the futility of revenge.

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Linking Lothal, Mortis and Luke’s Compass

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In the first Rebels episode of the second season, Minister Tua tells the Spectres there’s another reason the Empire had taken such a strong interest in Lothal besides it’s mineral resources. Unfortunately, she’s killed while defecting and they and we don’t learn what that reason was. However, as we enter the final stretch of the show, hints about what the Emperor really wants there are building. In this post I’ll explore some of the hints and how they might connect to the bigger picture being built across the franchise. Highly speculative.

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